Understanding Non-Binding Moving Estimates

When you have to deal with moving companies, you will be given quotes like a non-binding

estimate. These are much more common than binding estimates and you should contact your

Fort Lee moving company for direct pricing if they give you this kind of quote. Like binding

estimates, these estimates adhere to specific rules set up by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety

Association (FMCSA).

Here is an outline of the important facts you need to know about non-binding estimates:

● Fort Lee moving companies are not allowed to charge you for non-binding estimates or

quotes. These are bids and are not legal contracts. These are given as an estimated

cost only and will not bind your Fort Lee moving company to stick to this price.

In most instances, the final cost is usually higher than the estimate unless stated

otherwise. The finalized cost has to be in accordance with your Fort Lee mover’s

tarriffs. The law needs your mover to collect the charges shown in their tariffs,

regardless of what is stated in your non-binding estimate.

● All non-binding estimates have to be written down and must have an accurate

description of the shipment and all the services to be provided. Any charges need to be

on the service order and also in the bill of lading.

● You must not sign or accept the bill of lading or service order unless your Fort Lee

movers show an estimated amount on every form.

● Your Fort Lee moving company needs to keep their own copy of the non-binding

estimate and keep it next to the bill of lading.

● Fort Lee movers must give clear descriptions of the who shipment along with all the

services they will provide.

● Movers are not allowed to collect more than 110% of the estimated amount on arrival.

● Before loading any of your belongings, movers have the right to refuse you service if

you have additional items not listed down in your non-binding estimate. You need to

make sure that everything is written and included in your estimate. If you ever need to

include more items, you need to notify your Fort Lee moving company and hash out an

agreement before they begin loading their trucks.

● If your Fort Lee movers believe additional services are required in order to complete

your shipment after your items have been loaded, they need to tell you what these

services are before they can act on them. You need to be given 1 hour to choose if you

want the additional services. If the services needed aren’t in your non-binding estimate,

then the mover must deliver your shipment and send you a separate bill for the extra


● If you choose to add additional service once your belongings are loaded, you will be

billed for these services after the move is complete.

● Your Fort Lee moving company is required to keep a record of all the estimates of

charges for every move they have completed for a minimum of one year from the date

they made the initial estimate.